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National Citizen Service - NCS

The NCS programme offers young people, aged 16-17, a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something meaningful with their summer break, as well as a chance to develop skills and take on new challenges that will set them up for adult life. They'll also do something good for their local community, carrying out a social action project to support a cause they care about. We've seen first hand what an amazing feeling of accomplishment and increased confidence this brings. Throughout the pandemic, teenagers on NCS donated well over 200,000 hours of their time to help rebuild their communities after the first lockdown, showing what a difference young people can make when they work together towards a goal.


NCS Changemakers

We also offer NCS Changemakers which is free and enables young people  (15-17) to continue to develop skills as well as start social action projects within the Harrogate community and make a difference to those in need.


What to expect from our Changemakers:


Create Career Opportunities:

Gain new, transferable skills which may open up the world of work and increase your employability.


Gain Real Life Experience:

Future Employers love hearing about social action work and the real life examples you can give to demonstrate your experience.


Make your CV shine:

Add teamwork, problem solving, communication, project management and creativity to your CV.


Look after your Community:

Design and deliver a project that will teach you about the challenges and opportunities within your community and bring positive change.


Take part in Social Action:

Think of an issue that’s important to you or your community - whether that’s mental health, climate change, homelessness, or more - and then take action to create positive change where you live!

Our Changemaker sessions will include two a month with one being virtual and one face-to-face. Our virtual sessions will be lots of different activities where the young people will be able to gain and reflect on skills that they will be able to use in later life.


The face-to-face sessions will be based around the planning and delivery of the Social Action Project that the young people choose to do. Furthermore there will be exciting team building activities as well as guest speakers and much more throughout the course of the year.


Phone: 07878921099

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