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Harrogate Town Community Foundation Walking Football

50 or over - Have you thought about playing walking football with the Harrogate Town AFC Community Foundation?
WHAT IS IT? - Walking football is much like regular football that we used to play and thought we had lost forever when we became older. The key difference is that there is no running and no contact. The rules - which are very simple - are designed to ensure players remain healthy and safe at all times. Games are played on small pitches with small goals and typically six-a-side teams. Walking football can be played indoors or outdoors, on 3G/4G artificial grass pitches or natural grass.
WHO PLAYS IT? - Walking football is generally played by the over 50’s. Although the majority of players with Harrogate Town are in their 60’s, with some even in their 70’s. The club has a 50’s team and a 60’s team who both play competitively in the Northern Premier League. They also play a number of friendlies with clubs throughout Yorkshire and the North East, both home and away.
WHY SHOULD YOU PLAY IT? - As well as helping to promote a sense of well-being and developing new friendships amongst players, there are also a number of health benefits to playing walking football such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and strokes; and not forgetting the mental health benefits.
WHEN CAN YOU PLAY - Harrogate Town hold sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday evening at Rossett Sports Centre. There are different sessions to accommodate players of all ages and abilities, including those who are new to the game.

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Here are what some of our walking footballer's had to say about our community:

"I decided to call it a day at the age of 62 after a football injury. When my wife said 'why don’t you try walking football?' I responded as I imagine most old footballers might react, with a mixture of incredulity and mirth.
After giving it a go, I found that like ‘real’ football it can be played at different levels, from slow and social to fast and competitive. I’ve met lots of interesting people and made a whole new group of friends." - Andy Town

"Peering through the fence watching a Tuesday night practice session, I thought I'd like to give walking football a go. That was a great decision that has opened up a new chapter in my life. From the first game up to the present, I have been made to feel welcome, respected and valued as a team player." - Derek Rowe

"I have found that my involvement with walking football has greatly improved my positivity and improved my zest for life and living, much to the delight of my family. When an elderly family member is happy and fulfilled, it has a positive effect on the wider family.

"As an added bonus, last year I gained my first England over 70s Walking Football cap against the Republic of Ireland. Needless to say, I am very proud of this achievement. I never thought that I would have the honour of representing my country at 74 years of age. One never knows what is around the corner and what can be achieved even late in life!" - Lawrie Coulthard, England over 70s Walking Football international
If you are interested and would like further information please feel free to contact:

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